Musician. DJ. Cartoonist. Graphic Designer. Illustrator. Vito Manolo Roma is a beatnik from the future, and illustration is the most off kilter among his many activities. He’s a background noise we can’t and won’t get rid of. When he’s at work, his joy is infectious.
His colors speak the timeless language of psychedelia, feeding a never ending game on
ins & outs, of real and unreal, hyperstimulating synapses along the way.

The strength of art is presenting a world to observe as a whole, and we have
to remember that beauty needs seizure, power and stamina.

The name of this exhibition is “Va tutto bene / Everything’s fine”, and it’s a peculiar one, indeed. You’ll see faces on these canvasses. Those are the faces of the people who swarm through Milan, showcased ironically and somehow musically. Milano, the city of a million colours. The city where everyone lives in the social comfort of his or her own tribe.
The city where every single tribe costantly faces the everlasting dilemma:
should we use colours to decorate, or set fire?